December 06, 2023
Realistically maintaining loyal relationships with your customers requires coordinating your marketing and sales efforts. If you expect to increase customer acquisition and retention rates and profitability that stems from proper CRM strategies, you cannot rely on software alone to accomplish your sales and marketing objectives.

uPromote has integrated best practices from marketing and sales into proven CRM solutions that produce customer loyalty and profitability online and offline. Our custom solutions use customer feedback, intuitive brand engagement analysis, and corporate data mining to generate strategies and content that is personally relevant to each prospect or customer. Through the relationship-building dialogue process we position your web site to anticipate, support, respond and enhance the sales process to each of your customers simultaneously.

We have been inventing and delivering successful online solutions for over five years, bridging offline endeavors with clever online marketing and sales automation to help expand customer loyalty and profitability and to meet the challenges of a more reticent and knowledgeable population.

While we prefer to administer a campaign from planning and strategy assessment stages through to implementation and analysis, we are just as comfortable working with your existing resources and partners, to form solutions to support your objectives. uPromote offers a complete range of customer relationship management services and solutions encompassing four areas of CRM - Discovery, Strategy, Interaction and Technology. We provide our clients with fully integrated solutions that deliver a proven process of relationship building over the Internet.

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