April 20, 2024
Every business has specific needs that require unique solutions from marketing endeavors. The Interaction Stage of our eCRM strategy is where the culmination of understanding those needs and analyzing target audiences come together. uPromote has turn-key solutions for specific industries and requirements. And if we canít customize a solution to suit your needs, we will build it from scratch.

Our experience includes solutions that encompass all aspects of one-to-one communications, including:
Analysis, segmentation and modelling of customer data
Development of relationship strategies and programs
Marketing Communications and Database application development
Feedback development and survey management
Full account service and production management
Once you have customers, what are you doing to maximize their potential? We have created solutions that address each stage of their lifecycle to make sure youíre achieving your goals both short-term and long-term.

Interactive Direct Marketing:   Direct marketing which stimulates and then uses feedback to customize strategic communications for each customer.
Customer Development:   Strategic development and implementation of innovative customer programs to increase loyalty and profitability throughout the lifecycle.
Prospect Management:   Lead generation and prospect management systems to efficiently increase performance at each stage of the sales cycle.
Telemarketing:   Scripting and management of telemarketing programs to support relationship and sales objectives.
Web Site Development:   Integration of latest Web and database technologies to deliver innovative relationship strategies.

Perspectives on interacting with customers and prospects:
The objective of interacting with customers and prospects is to initiate and build profitable relationships. To accomplish this goal, the interaction requires three critical components:

Dialogue:   Talking with and listening to your customer.
Needs-satisfaction:   Providing solutions of value as a result of your dialogue with each customer.
Commitment:   Maintaining the dialogue, delivering on your promises and earning your customer's trust over time.

How does 'interaction' lead to breakthrough?
Real breakthrough can be experienced when you engage customers in a one-to-one dialogue, similar to the type of discussion that a well-trained sales representative or a passionate senior manager might have with your customer.

You begin by thanking each customer for his or her business and asking questions that uncover the customer's needs, attitudes, perspectives and purchase intentions. This feedback is then used to enable the positioning of products or services as specific solutions that address your customer's key needs. At this point, you may have to deal with and overcome various attitudes or concerns as you close in on your objective, which might be to persuade the customer to buy your product, visit your store, or call your 1-800 number.

Now imagine the ability to execute that level of meaningful, intelligent, strategic dialogue with millions of customers at the same time!  This is the interactive approach that uPromote delivers to generate immediate results and build long-term relationships which maximize the lifetime value of customers.

What about transaction data?
Last year, during an intensive all-day session with a Fortune 500 global manufacturer and retailer, the transaction data from one high-value customer was provided to five teams. Each team had to interpret the data to develop a profile of the customer, anticipate selling opportunities and lifetime value. Not surprisingly, each team presented a significantly different profile. The store manager was then called upon to provide a description of this customer with whom he had a long relationship. As it turned out, a great deal of spending behaviour and product choices were motivated by factors no one could have determined from the transaction data alone.

Transaction data is a powerful base which offers clues to potential purchase behaviour and helps build investment models. It's very useful when initiating a dialogue and tracking success of programs. However, transaction data doesn't fully explain intent, or issues related to share-of-wallet. Only the customer can tell you what's going on in his or her head. And the only way to get that information is to ask.

Success is in the data and how you use it
Ultimately, it is the analysis of transaction data married with customer feedback that provides marketers with the most powerful and useful knowledge. To realize the greatest benefit from this knowledge, strategies must be translated into meaningful interaction that grows more relevant as the dialogue continues: Dialogue - Needs Satisfaction - Commitment. For examples of how effective interaction helps to create profitable customer relationships, please contact us.

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