July 15, 2024
uPromote, Inc. was formed in 1997 by Brian D. Chmielewski as a free Internet marketing service. During the first year the web site received an overwhelming number of requests for the development of custom marketing tools and plans. As a result uPromote repositioned iteslef as a e-marketing solution provider, offering standard online promotion services and consulting to businesses of all sizes. Since that time, the company's specific focus has been on selecting proper strategic approaches for helping clients achieve the objectives of their Web-based enterprise. uPromote makes significant effots in the education of the client, communication with the client and understanding demands from the client. With this core focus, uPromote nurtures the premise that its own success can only be defined by how well it performs in fulfillment of client marketing campaigns.

As a result of demand for services, the site was quickly repositioned as a Web strategy consulting firm, offering marketing research, Web development and integrated marketing campaign management. uPromote has continually researched and tested their approaches to correctly optimize them in a transforming technological environment and has been an advocate of ethical Web marketing practices, regularly reflecting upon it's own consulting, marketing strategy and graphic communications to serve various businesses across many industries in the best possible manner.

Before forming uPromote, Mr. Chmielewski was the research arm and public voice of one of the first and largest Web promotion companies in the industry. It was his primary responsibility to stay on top of the ever-changing industry and find better ways to help drive traffic to web sites. A large part of that involved becoming a resident expert on the major search engines, design and navigation theory, partnering strategies and relationship marketing. The founder also instructs a university accredited Web marketing workshop online. As a result, uPromote has established itself as a well-respected contributor to the adherence to online advertising measurement standards and is a regular voice on the concerns of ethical facilitation of e-Marketing among industry leaders.

uPromote is fortunate to have experience in delivering custom integrated Internet Marketing solutions for a multitude of industries, including Apparel & Accessories, Animals & Pets, Arts & Entertainment, Business to Business, Small Business & Business Enterprise and Computing Services. Knowing the unique facets of several industries has made us skilled artisans in the research, networking, campaign planning, demographic targeting and provision of comprehensive highly targeted Internet Marketing projects.