April 20, 2024
uPromote is a marketing, technology, and media company that establishes and strengthens online brand identities, adds value to customer relationships, and generates strategies for attaining revenue on the Internet for businesses.

We offer Web-based businesses an empirically-based results-driven marketing service that identifies exact channels for gaining new targeted site visitors, converting them into customers and retaining business. We take a holistic approach to improving our clients' online merchandizing strategies. Coordinating our talented creative and marketing teams ensures that we are concentrating our energies on addressing the specific needs and interests of your target audience and developing a consistent experience for every individual who encounters your brand online.

uPromote delivers targeted audiences to web sites through different tactics including web page optimization and auditing, search engine positioning, affiliate sales partner outreach, viral marketing avenues, strategic linking strategies, online advertising, CPA and CPC media placement, editorial production, web-centered contests and sweepstakes and email communications.

We are a leader in the use of marketing data metrics, a technological method for measuring, recording, and comparing unique personal characteristics of client campaigns for performance benchmarking and improvement. Although the practice is not new to the traditional marketing and advertising industries, we feel our use of metrics eliminates most assumptions inherent in the abundantly frivolous online marketing offerings available on the Internet.

To assist in achieving the goals of our clients, we provide fully administered marketing campaigns, from technological integration, creative conception and strategic formation to researching advertising outlets, purchasing space and delivering communications to drive targeted traffic and ending with metric-based analysis and campaign optimization.

We advise our clients on best practices for organizing internal staff to manage the customer supply and service processes to capitalize on the marketing dollars being budgeted with uPromote. As a result, our clients realize substantial savings through increased workplace accountability and reduced intangible costs associated with trial marketing. Our approach is adaptable to any current existing business within any industry.