July 15, 2024
In addition to years of strategic business experience and marketing communications savvy, uPromote's executive team offers customers and employees the leadership and support needed to stay one step ahead in the rapidly evolving economy. There are no ivory towers here at uPromote: open doors invite discussions that lead to the best solutions for our customers.

Leadership Team
The company's decentralized organization maintains a traditional small-company flexibility within a growing organization. Brian Chmielewski, uPromote's chief executive officer, chief strategist and founder, credits the success of the company to "employee ownership of project objectives and their adaptive instinct to produce effective creative thought." He is directly engaged in the strategic process and implementation stages of every project and through an adherence to an open and flat communications network streamlines directives to ensure that all team members are aggressively informed.

The hallmark of uPromote through the years has been the principle that "we don't make assumptions about our clients' business, and we don't set expectations of our business terms based on those assumptions." We further feel that those who contribute to the company should own it, and ownership should be commensurate with employee contribution and performance as much as feasible.

Team Members
From the start, uPromote has been comprised from professional people who want to perform superior creative and technical work, who want to have a stake and a voice in the company's development and direction, and who expect fair rewards for doing excellent work. uPromote's successful track record demonstrates that employee ownership creates the incentives and the environment for excellence and growth. This heartfelt concept is the reason that uPromote's operations and marketing team is comprised of individuals who have distinguished themselves in industry, finance, health care, and government service.

Our reputation for excellence has been earned by people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination, working closely with our customers and each other. If you're looking for an opportunity to work in an environment that encourages new ideas, high-quality work, and professional achievement, review our career opportunities.