July 15, 2024

The uPromote(TM) Email Address Scrambler helps web site owners combat automated email address harvesting programs. These programs scour web sites grabbing email addresses as they locate them. Since most Webmasters place email addresses in a simple text format, automated harvesters have little difficulty grabbing them and appending them to a database file. This type of conduct is quickly damaging the ability of businesses to add real email address contact information on their web sites, since the amount of time necessary to sort through unsolicited email seriously threatens daily operations.

The uPromote(TM) Email Address Scrambler turns ordinary text email addresses into ASCII code, causing email address harvesters to bypass real email addresses. To the human eye, an email addresses remains intelligible, while automated harvesters are duped into avoiding the code. The use of this tool will help Web-based businesses to decrease the amount of spam they recieve, increasing the time available to spend on qualified leads.

Enter your email address below to change it into ASCII safe format.