July 15, 2024
What is uPromote MARKETER?
Our newsletter is an informational publication designed to educate and inform our subscribers about the Internet marketing industry and the tools of our trade. Our primary purpose is to instruct our audience on the proper use, implementation and strategies associated with the most popular tools and tactics used in online promotion. We strive to present a fair and balanced approach to our reporting, using experience and real data to draw our conclusions and opinions from. We do publish third party contributions when we feel the content is of value to our audience.

Who cares what we have to say?
When we speak, WebMasters, Web Marketers, IT staff and other savvy Internet professionals listen. uPromote M A R K E T E R is comprised of subscribers with perspectives from both the agency and client sides of the Web Marketing industry. Our community exists to seek out and share in the origination of successful promotional strategies for all web site owners. We believe that open-ended community discussion in the marketplace of ideas is the best forum for finding the truth about what makes some strategies perform better than others.

By performing routine audits and offering manual account management, we abide by and support the leading Internet standards of subscriber privacy. Unlike the unmonitored lists on the Web, we believe that offering an accurate base of subscribers who actively read our content and interact with our staff will bring you responsive targeted traffic.

Why sponsor uPromote M A R K E T E R ?
uPromote can deliver your message in a time sensitive, targeted manner to help you communicate your message to the right people at the right time. We use a combination of services to saturate, reinforce and drive into action, your message with your most interested audience. We want you to succeed, that’s why we assist you with targeting the proper volume to sponsor, aid you in setting up tracking mechanisms, and author your advertorial message.

What are the different sponsorship packages?
We've designed a single advertising sponsorship program that includes basic features, such as email advertorials and editorial spotlights. Coupling editorial and advertorial content is overwhelmingly more effective than the single application of either tool by itself. We offer individual and ongoing sponsorship packages with an emphasis on results.

Pricing Matrix:
Package Attributes Cost
Top Level Sponsorship One-time top spot advertisement with ‘sponsored by’ second line visibility. Advertorial appears after introduction, but before first article.
Lower Level Sponsorship One-time bottom spot advertisement. Your ad appears between first article and second article.

To learn more about our sponsorship service or to schedule your advertisement for an upcoming monthly volume of the uPromote M A R K E T E R, contact us.